Blackpool Zoo

Otterly Soaked

Photos taken yesterday by Lolls Marshall at the UK's Blackpool Zoo turn up the dial on one of the most coveted ZooBorns in our lineup: the baby Asian Small-clawed Otter. It might come as a surprise but otter pups don't know how to swim at birth, so mom must pay careful attention to each pup, training it for the aquatic life ahead. These little guys have clearly taken their first plunge although their expressions suggest that they have mixed feelings about being wet.




Mom appears excited about the progress..

Photo Credits: Lolls Marshal

Back-to-Back Beginnings at Blackpool Zoo

We have been sitting on some great news from the UK's Blackpool Zoo. On May 7th, the zoo's Western Lowland Gorilla 'Miliki' gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! This exciting news came just one day after the birth of a Pileated Gibbon.  Both species are endangered in the wild, and so these births are significant to worldwide conservation efforts, as well as to Blackpool Zoo.




Photo Credits: Blackpool Zoo

First Lion Cubs in 25 Years for Blackpool Zoo

Three little female lion cubs were welcomed at the Blackpool Zoo in April and just unveiled to the media this week. Born to lioness "Gillian," the little girls mark the first lion birth at the Zoo in 25 years. 

Lion Cubs Blackpool 1

Lion Cubs Blackpool 2

Lion Cubs Blackpool 3

Looking ferocious


According to the Blackpool Zoo, “Gillian is a brilliant mother and is looking after her cubs and keeping them out of mischief!  The cubs are very cute and really fun loving and playful.”