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Black and White Striped Baby Zebra Bounds Around at Baton Rouge Zoo


On July 17, a Plains Zebra foal was the 23rd of its species born at BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo. It has been seen kicking up its heels, enjoying the grass and sunshine, when not sticking close to mom. While keepers have been unable to get near enough to tell it's gender, they believe it is a boy. Until they know, they will wait to name the energetic little one. 

While this baby weighs about 70 pounds (32 kg) now, it will grow to weigh between 450 - 600 pounds (204-272 kg) and stand 4 - 4.75 feet (1.2-1.5 meters) at the shoulder. The stripes of Zebras differ between species. Plains Zebra typically form a Y shape in their midsection, (also called their saddle). 

In the wild Plains Zebras live in southern and eastern African countries, such as Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, inhabiting savannas, open woodland and forest areas. Their diets consist of a variety of long and short grasses, leaves and other vegetation. Plains Zebras face several threats including poaching and habitat loss due to human encroachment. Watering holes and rivers are especially dangerous due to the threat of hungry lions, hyenas, crocodiles and other predators.



Photo Credit: BREC' s Baton Rouge Zoo

Siamang Gibbon Baby Born at Baton Rouge Zoo

Baby face 33

Early in the morning on May 26, 2011 a Siamang Gibbon baby was born at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana. The baby is currently on exhibit with its mother (born in 1993 at Fresno Zoo) and father (born in 1984 at San Francisco Zoo). Siamangs are monogamous and live with offspring until they reach maturity. This pair has reproduced in the past, and this is their third baby together.

At birth, the baby clings to its mother’s abdomen, getting necessary warmth and support. By age 2 the baby is independent, but still very much a part of the family structure. Siamangs are not possessive about food and often share with mates and offspring. They are fed a variety of fruits and vegetables along with primate chow.

 Siamang Born 5.26.11

Siamang family

Siamang 5.11

Photo Credit: Baton Rouge Zoo

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