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Ruby The Red Flying Fox Is In Great Hands After A Rough Beginning

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Ruby is a 3-week-old little Red Flying Fox who was rescued from the roadside, after losing her mother from a car strike.

Ruby was born on the side of the road in Qld, Australia and she would have surely died if not for the dedicated volunteers from 'Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld'. Ruby's carer (Denise Wade), was quick to attend to Ruby's needs becoming the orphaned bat's replacement mother.

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Juvenile flying foxes require a lot of time, attention and affection to survive. They form very close bonds and will often vocalize to communicate with their new carers. 

During her time in care Ruby will learn to fly, socialize with other bats in care, develop her independence and eventually be released to join a wild colony of little Red Flying Foxes.

Flying Foxes are a keystone species in Australia, responsible for the pollination of native forests, and the propagation of new plant growth via seed dispersal. Despite their ecological importance they are currently under threat in Australia due to loss of habitat, urbanization and a negative image in the media.

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Never touch or approach bats unless you are a vaccinated carer/rescuer.

Meet Blossom The Baby Bat!

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Blossom the bat recently came into care following a suspected cat attack. Louise Saunders from Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland took care of little Blossom, who recovered beautifully and was eventually released back into the wild.

Blossom Bats are nectar specialists which feed and groom themselves with the aid of their long tongues. They are known to hover in front of flowers as they forage and are important pollinators of many rainforest plants. A baby at the time of arrival, the little bat was fed a nectar mix recipe and the occasional milk formula. Blossom gradually gained weight and began to practice flying during the night. Often she would dart in and out of rooms and even hover above Louise as she slept before retiringto her little brown bag at dawn.

Bat milk

Bat hand

Bat spoon
Photo Credit: Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld

Blossom bats are currently under threat due to loss of feeding and roosting habitat from clearing of forests for agriculture and housing estates.  This Blossom was released on Macleay Island in Qld, Australia.

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