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Audubon Zoo Welcomes Screaming Hairy Armadillo Pups

Audubon Zoo is celebrating the birth of a special set of twins. The youngsters are screaming hairy armadillo pups, and their birth is the first in North America since 2018.

The pups were born in February and can be found in the Zoo’s Nocturnal House, along with both of their parents. The pups are named Birkenstock and Teva, following a family tradition of names related to shoes. Their father is Chaco, who came to Audubon Zoo last fall. He is separated from the pups while their mom, Dillo, handles their care until they are fully weaned and independent. Once they are older and more mature, they will move to new homes and families of their own.   


The screaming hairy armadillo babies are eating solid foods including bugs, fruits and vegetables. This species can go a long time without drinking water, they typically get all the moisture they need from plants they eat.

Screaming hairy armadillos are native to South America – Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay and get their name because hair covers part of their bodies and the sound they make if they feel threatened.