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Spring is that you? Autumnal Baby Boom Hits Taronga Zoo

With the Easter long weekend and autumn school holidays just around the corner, Taronga Zoo Sydney  has a spring in their steps as a baby boom spreads across the zoo with a view. From a newborn Pygmy Hippo calf learning to dive, two adventurous chimp babies learning the ropes, an impending public debut of a young seal pup and the ecstatic announcement of twin Red Panda cubs – there is so much to see and do at Taronga Zoo.

Cekiri reaching out whilst holding mum Ceres' hand - by Keeper Scott Brown

These adorable babies are welcome additions to zoo family favourites, such as the Seals for the Wild and Free Flight Bird presentations, Taronga’s new ‘Staying Alive’ conservation presentation, 13 daily keeper talks, the newly opened nguwing nura – Nocturnal country, Wild Ropes adventure courses, and the Red Energy kids trail.

As adorable as can be, Hippo calf Lololi has a spring in her toes as she learns to push off the bottom of her pool during her diving lessons with mum Kambiri close by.

Lisa  Lembas and Chimpanzee community cuddle pile - by Keeper Scott Brown

“Lololi has been learning to hold her breath and propelling herself off the bottom of the pool to take fresh breaths. She’s inquisitive and is often seen mouthing leaves and on occasion, wearing them on her head,” explained Ungulate Keeper, Renae Moss.

The eight-week-old female Pygmy Hippo calf is a welcome addition to the zoo’s breeding program for the endangered West African species. The zoo is now home to three Pygmy Hippos, which are one fifth of the size of a Common Hippo and are best spotted in the mornings when little Lololi is most active.

Cekiri keeping an eye on the community - by Keeper Scott Brown

Diving into the deep end of Seal Cove is soon to be four-month-old Fur seal pup Eve. Picking up her swimming skills from mum Keke, Eve is soon to be making her public debut, whilst one-year-old big brother Kobe takes centre stage in the zoo’s Seals for the Wild presentations, powered by Red Energy.

Nestled in a soundproof and private nest box, the zoo is delighted to announce the arrival of twin Red Panda cubs to mother, Daiyu at the beginning of December 2023. Born weighing a minute 100g, Red Pandas are an endangered species and spend the first 90-days of their lives tucked away suckling from their mothers in the safety of their den. The male and female cubs are nearing 3-months-old are expected to start popping their heads out of their nest box and exploring their outdoor habitat any day.

Cekiri teething - group photo - by Scott Brown

Taronga’s Chimpanzee babies, Lemba and Cekiri, are keeping their mum’s Lisa and Ceres on their toes as their adventurous personalities start to develop. Now nearing 10- and 8-months-old, the two babies are really finding their feet and starting to explore the ropes and hammocks of their habitat, never far away from their protective and doting mums. Whilst both babies continue to suckle and spend time within mum’s reach, they are also teething, mouthing and exploring all and anything that fits into their mouths.

“Chimpanzees are our closest relatives, sharing almost 99% identical DNA, which means that like human babies, they are slow growing animals who need and rely on their mums for many years as they grow up, “said Primate supervisor Richard Buzas.

10-month-old Lemba - by Keeper Scott Brown

The best time to learn about the plight of these incredible great apes and spot the little explorers, is at the Chimpanzee Keeper Talk which runs daily at 12pm.

From 29 March – 28 April, a new Red Energy GOOD VIBRATIONS Trail is ready for the kids to explore, with lots of animal facts to learn – collect a free map upon entry and follow the trail for a chance to win a wild Taronga overnight stay. Plus, visit the activity hub full of free entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Face painting, activities, and an inflatable bouncy castle and obstacle course are available from 10:30am–3pm across the Easter long weekend and from 13–28 April during NSW school holidays.

8-month-old Cekiri - by Keeper Scott Brown

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Ceres & Cekiri - by Keeper Scott Brown
Ceres & Cekiri - by Keeper Scott Brown
Cekiri teething - by Scott Brown