Toledo Zoo's Elephant Herd Grows with Arrival of Newborn Calf
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Night of Excitement at BIOPARC Valencia After the "Live" Birth of a Second Elephant

At 2:14 this morning, after a gestation period of 651 days, the happy birth of a second African elephant occurred at BIOPARC Valencia. Impressive images of the emotional moment followed, during which it has been observed that the female Maja has begun nurturing and attending to the newborn, amidst the enormous curiosity of the rest of the herd. The animal care team shows caution, reinforcing the protocol and intense surveillance, as the evolution in the first hours and the coming days is crucial.

14 MARZO 2024 - Cría de elefante recién nacida en BIOPARC Valencia

Valencia, March 14, 2024.- Contained nerves, accumulated fatigue, some surprises, and absolute silence from the technical team until the cameras showed the exact moment of the birth of the elephant Maja. Touching images clearly depict the birth of the beautiful calf that took place tonight at 02:14, after a gestation of 651 days, igniting emotions. The entire camera system deployed was necessary to ensure non-intrusive monitoring, facilitate the completion of the birth naturally, and even allowed hearing the sound of amniotic fluid as it suddenly spilled. It is also essential to observe the mother's behavior and ensure that nurturing proceeds correctly, which has enabled witnessing the impressive attitude and curiosity of the rest of the herd as each elephant approached to meet the "baby." A heartwarming moment was the encounter with little Makena, just over a year old, with the excitement of a "cousin" to play with.

In order not to make any changes to the routines, specialized personnel for their well-being did not enter the indoor areas until 7 in the morning. For the moment, everything is proceeding normally, and since this is the second birth, both for the elephant herd and for the entire technical team, actions regarding this new situation are more predictable. The "little elephant" shows completely innate behavior, nursing on demand and instinctively following its mother. Maja, on the other hand, has clearly shown her surprise at the event and, after initial hesitations, is already providing all necessary care. In any case, it is important to exercise utmost caution due to the delicacy of a newborn, even if it weighs between 80 and 100 kg, as the first days of life are always critical.

Marzo 2024 - BIOPARC Valencia - Cría de elefante recién nacida_15 copia

This new birth is a second joy for BIOPARC, as it allows facing with optimism the conservation actions promoted by the Foundation. Likewise, it reinforces the hope of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) in which the Valencian park participates to preserve the African elephant (Loxodonta africana). It is worth noting that this is an endangered species included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Currently, BIOPARC Valencia houses a group consisting of one male, six adult females, one calf, and the newborn, who for now will remain under observation in the indoor facilities with its mother, while the rest of the herd can be observed in the area faithfully recreating their original habitats.

Marzo 2024 - BIOPARC Valencia - Cría de elefante recién nacida_2