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Beekse Bergen’s Youngest Elephant Calf Tendai Enjoys First Mud Bath

Hilvarenbeek, February 24, 2024 – Safari Park Beekse Bergen’s five-day-old elephant calf Tendai, accompanied by the herd, including her two young half-sisters, has discovered the outdoor enclosure of Beekse Bergen for the first time. The rainfall of the previous days was more than welcome: the elephants enjoyed a mud bath with great enthusiasm.

Drie olifantenkalfjes (2)

African elephant Punda gave birth to her calf Tendai on Monday, February 19. Earlier last year, two calves, Mosi and Ajabu, were also born in the same herd. They had already explored the outdoor enclosure.

Head animal caretaker Yvonne Vogels: "It was beautiful to see how patiently Punda helped her calf. While most of the family was already outside, she guided her calf Tendai over the threshold. Tendai, of course, had no idea that there was a door and what was behind it!"

Drie olifantenkalfjes (3)


Punda is the oldest of the elephant herd and therefore the matriarch. This means she plays an important role within the group. During the births of the two previous calves, her essential role was evident: she taught her daughters how to care for their young calves.

Drie olifantenkalfjes

Vogels explains: "During such events, you clearly see Punda's role. The older ladies are already outside, and inside, Punda helps the youngest ones. With Mosi and Ajabu, it was the same. Now that her own calf is here, we see that she patiently guides the two other little ones to the right mother. She has, of course, taught her daughters the tricks of the trade, so now they can take care of the responsibility themselves."

Punda en Tendai
Punda en Tendai
Punda en Tendai
Punda en Tendai