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The First Baby 'Pumbas' from the New Warthog Couple are Born at BIOPARC Valencia

December 2023— This first litter represents a new success in the involvement of the Valencian park in an international project for the conservation of warthogs, a species included in the IUCN Red List. The adaptation of the young couple that arrived in the summer has been excellent, and the care of the two offspring is proceeding normally, although as a precaution and to promote their natural instincts, they remain in the indoor enclosure. Until January 7th, you can take advantage of the BIOPARC Wild Christmas proposal, with the double 'cause' promotion that allows you to choose between the child's entry or the annual child pass for €1.


Some animal species have become known through various works of fiction, with the most important ones coming from literature and cinema. 'The Lion King' represents a milestone for several generations as it brought them closer to the wonderful African fauna. One of the most well-known characters is Pumba and his inseparable companion Timon. Thanks to them, many people have been able to learn about what a warthog or a meerkat is and have been able to delve into their study. BIOPARC Valencia houses these two species and many others from the legendary movie, including lions with their image on the rocky outlook. It is now a moment of great joy to announce the birth of a litter of warthogs.

More information: www.bioparcvalencia.es"