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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Amur Tiger Cubs Make Public Debut

Help name the cubs and support wildlife conservation starting today

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s two Amur tiger cubs made their public debut at Rosebrough Tiger Passage on Wednesday, January 31. The cubs, a male and female, were born on November 6, 2023, to mom, Zoya, and dad, Hector. The Zoo also announced a public naming opportunity for the two cubs to support wildlife conservation.

Tiger cubs

Beginning today through Monday, February 12, guests can vote with a supporting donation to help name each of the cubs at All naming donations will help combat illegal wildlife trade, which has threatened the species towards extinction. The winning names will be revealed on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Female naming options:




Male naming options:




Tiger cubs1

Amur tigers have been deemed an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with only a few hundred tigers remaining in their native regions of far eastern side of Russia and northeastern China. Each of the name options are culturally significant to the communities where Amur tigers live.

The cubs are now 12 weeks old, weigh over 25 pounds and have reached several developmental milestones including transitioning to a meat diet, gaining strength and agility and spending time separated from mom. As the cubs adjust to their new habitat, guests will have a chance to see them daily at Rosebrough Tiger Passage, with mornings being the best time to see them as they adjust to their new habitats.


Rosebrough Tiger Passage includes four interconnected habitats for the cubs and two adult Amur tigers to explore. Visitors can learn about the threats both tiger sub-species face including habitat loss and poaching.