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Newborn Chimpanzee: First Images in the Equatorial Jungle of BIOPARC Valencia

BIOPARC Valencia Announces the Joyful Birth of a Chimpanzee

BIOPARC Valencia houses the largest group in Spain of the subspecies Pan troglodytes verus, critically endangered, and plays a crucial role in the European conservation program for this species. In addition, the BIOPARC Foundation collaborates with the Jane Goodall Institute in the preservation of this species in Africa. The "baby" was born in the early hours of the day, and the development is progressing very favorably.

Nace una cría de chimpancé en BIOPARC Valencia - enero 2024 (4)

Valencia, January 19, 2024.- This atypical January with spring-like temperatures in the past days has brought a wonderful surprise to the animal care team at BIOPARC Valencia. Upon entering the indoor enclosures of the chimpanzee area, one of the professionals noticed an unusual excitement in the group, and her concern turned into joy as she observed a beautiful newborn just a few hours old in the arms of its mother Noelia. The rest of the group showed normal curiosity and typical behavior in this species where family structure and bonds are fundamental.

Aware of the advanced stage of pregnancy of the female, a special monitoring protocol had been activated, which, in the case of a species like chimpanzees, and given that the female is not a first-time mother, involves facilitating her instinctive and natural development while increasing observation of the behavior of the entire group and avoiding any disturbance. Still with the umbilical cord, which the mother later cuts over the course of hours, the process is very positive, the upbringing is progressing normally, and it has been observed that the "baby" is feeding vigorously by nursing. For the time being, they remain in indoor facilities, and depending on the evolution and weather forecasts, they will begin to have access to the outdoor area for visitors.

Nace una cría de chimpancé en BIOPARC Valencia - enero 2024 (3)

The subspecies Pan troglodytes verus is classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which emphasizes the alarming declining trend in its Red List information. The reproductive group at BIOPARC is the largest in Spain, with 8 animals in Valencia and 2 more in BIOPARC Fuengirola, and the role of BIOPARC in the European conservation program (EEP) for this emblematic species is vital. The goal is to promote controlled reproduction of the species to try to ensure its survival. Simultaneously, the BIOPARC Foundation focuses its efforts on in situ preservation through collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa.

The "Valencian group" is composed of a 36-year-old male, Moreno, who moved from Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo (Italy), and five females. Three of them are sisters and came from BIOPARC Fuengirola: Eva, 28 years old, Natalia, 20 years old, and the youngest of all, Noelia, 16 years old. The other two, Malin, 34 years old, and Py, 20 years old, come from Boras Djurpark (Sweden).

Nace una cría de chimpancé en BIOPARC Valencia  - enero 2024
Nace una cría de chimpancé en BIOPARC Valencia  - enero 2024