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For The First Time In 26 Years, A De Brazza’s Monkey Is Born At The San Diego Zoo

SAN DIEGO (Nov.15, 2023) — There is a new, tiny face at the San Diego Zoo. A De Brazza’s monkey was born Oct. 28 to parents Lillie and Augustus, and it is the first De Brazza’s monkey born at the Zoo in 26 years. The little primate, whose gender has not yet been determined, can be seen holding tightly to its very attentive mother’s chest while they bond. In the next few weeks, the infant is expected to start walking and climbing. It will stay close to its mother until it is weaned, at around 1 year old.


De Brazza’s monkeys are native to central Africa. They live in trees, and generally occupy forested regions near rivers and waterways. They’re a distinctive and colorful species, known for their white facial hair that resembles a beard.


Guests at the San Diego Zoo may see the De Brazza’s monkeys—including the infant—at their Lost Forest habitat. Beginning Dec. 8, visitors to the Zoo can enjoy Jungle Bells proudly supported by California Coast Credit Union. The Zoo will be aglow with holiday cheer and decorations, festive music, roaming entertainers, special food items and awe-inspiring views of wildlife. Jungle Bells is scheduled Dec. 8, 2023–Jan. 1, 2024, with extended hours, except for Dec. 24 (when no Jungle Bells activities are scheduled).