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October 2023

Trick or Treat

Lionesses, Penguins and Pygmy Goats Tear into Spooky Pumpkin Treats at Whipsnade Zoo 

Spirited lionesses Waka and Winta were amongst the many youngsters sinking their teeth into Halloween at Whipsnade Zoo today (Monday 30 October) as zookeepers treated animals across the zoo to a spook-tacular surprise.  

Zookeepers carved petrifying pumpkins for many of the 11,000 animals at the UK’s largest zoo, using the spooky squashes to put the animals' foraging and hunting skills to the test. 

Endangered African peguins have fishy snacks out of Halloween pumpkins (c) Whipsnade Zoo

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Surprise: Critically Endangered Chimpanzee Born at Beekse Bergen

Hilvarenbeek, October 30, 2023 - A West African chimpanzee has been born at Beekse Bergen. The gender of the newborn is not yet known. Mother and the young one are doing well.

Caregivers at the safari park were not certain if mother Nadine was pregnant, as the latest pregnancy tests turned out negative after earlier positive results. The same pregnancy tests used for humans are employed for great apes.

Pasgeboren chimpansee (5)

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The Love Story Continues: Zoo’s ‘Cappy’ Couple Welcome Triplets One Year After their First Baby in Over a Decade

What’s cuter than a capybara baby? Three capybara babies! One year after lovey-dovey capy couple Augustus and Clementine welcomed their first baby, Satsuma, they’ve become proud parents to three bundles of joy - and Drusillas Park zookeepers couldn’t be happier.


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Two Rare Rhinos, Persian Onager are Latest Births at The Wilds

Bottle-fed greater one-horned rhino calf thriving at conservation center

CUMBERLAND, Ohio — Births at The Wilds are always cause for celebration, but this fall the reward is triple-fold as a southern white rhino, a greater one-horned rhino – who required hand-rearing to thrive – and a Persian onager are garnering the attention of visitors and staff at the 10,000-acre conservation center.

The yet-to-be-named female greater one-horned rhino was born on September 22, 2023—just in time for World Rhino Day. She took immediately to the bottle and already weighs more than 150 pounds. The hand-rearing of a rhino calf is a first for The Wilds’ Animal Management team, who acted quickly when they noticed Anna, a first-time mother born at the Bronx Zoo in 2013, was unable to care for her newborn and both required medical interventions. Anna came to The Wilds in 2021.

Greater One-horned Rhino Calf 1480 - Amanda Carberry  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Sloth Day: Schönbrunn Zoo Celebrates with Newborns

In the birdhouse of Schönbrunn Zoo, sloths are undoubtedly the big favorites among the audience. Those who visit them tomorrow, on the occasion of Sloth Day, will experience a small furry surprise. "For the 13th time, we have had offspring among our sloths. A young one was born on August 20th. Initially, it was hidden in the protective fur of the mother, but by now, you can observe the little one well," announces Simone Haderthauer, zoological department head, with joy. The young one lies on its mother like in a hammock. It will only start hanging independently on branches at about six months old.

Photos by Daniel Zupanc


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