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Baby Capys!

Elation As Baby Sloth Joins The Zoo Family

The team at Roger Williams Park Zoo is elated to announce the birth of a baby sloth! The adorable newborn is born to mom Fiona and dad Westley and is currently resting comfortably while staying close to mom. The incredible staff of zookeepers and veterinarians are maintaining a watchful eye over the mother and baby, ensuring their well-being as they bond behind the scenes. With the assistance of the mother's affection, daily monitoring, and supplemental feeding from the keepers, the little one is steadily growing and gaining strength.


This birth holds great significance for the Zoo and the global sloth population. The Zoo is an active participant in the Linne’s Two-Toed Sloth Species Survival Plan, which prioritizes breeding to guarantee the survival of the species.

The young sloth is yet to be named, but more updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned!