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The red river hog family at Marwell Wildlife has expanded its ranks with the arrival of three adorable piglets born on Tuesday, 18 July.

The proud parents, Lisala and Kermit, are no strangers to parenthood, having previously welcomed twins in August of the previous year.

These new arrivals, identified as triplets, boast more vibrant markings compared to their parents and can be observed within the red river hog habitat alongside their mother, father, and older brother Matonda.


Commonly referred to as hoglets, the piglets possess rows of distinctive yellow dots and lines on their dark coats, with elongated ears that will eventually sprout tufts of hair, thus earning them the playful moniker of "tufted pigs."

Experts have noted that these unique markings serve a functional purpose, aiding the hoglets in blending seamlessly with their surroundings and enhancing their chances of eluding potential predators.


Red river hogs stand out among their animal counterparts with their relatively short gestation period, which spans approximately four months. Furthermore, these little hogs showcase impressive mobility skills, being capable of walking mere hours after birth.

While initially nourished by their mother's milk, the hoglets begin the transition to solid foods around four months of age, as they continue to mature.


As a species, red river hogs are known for their mixed dietary habits, enjoying a diverse menu of fruits, seeds, and even scavenging from carcasses.

Notably, these hogs are social creatures, frequently observed in sizeable groups within their native West and Central African rainforest habitat.

Regrettably, despite their listing on the IUCN Red List as being of "least concern," red river hogs face population declines in the wild. The primary contributing factor lies in their popularity with hunters involved in supplying the bush meat trade in Africa.

Marwell Wildlife, a dedicated conservation charity, operates the zoo where these fascinating hogs can be seen alongside other rare and endangered species like giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, and tigers.

For those interested in visiting the zoo, prebooking is advised to secure the best prices. Additional information, news, tickets, and educational and conservation resources can be accessed through www.marwell.org.uk.