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The naked mole rat is an exceptional species, both for its extraordinary biological characteristics and its social structure resembling that of insects. BIOPARC has two groups of these creatures in a specially designed facility to observe their peculiar behavior, where the latest litter can also be seen. The stunning video of the birth would be impossible to witness in the wild and allows for increased knowledge about this impressive animal.

Julio 2023 - Nace una camada de ratas topo en BIOPARC Valencia_4

Valencia, July 18, 2023 - For years, the scientific community has shown a special interest in the innate properties of the naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber), focusing on its sensational lifespan and immunity to cancer - two aspects crucial for advancements in human health. Recently, it has been discovered that this mammal may also hold the key to fertility, as it remains fertile until its death, with females having an average of 1.5 million eggs as early as eight days old, almost 100 times more than a typical mouse.

The objective of BIOPARC Valencia is to raise awareness about the need to conserve the rich biodiversity of our planet by offering the opportunity to observe the most emblematic species, as well as the lesser-known ones, like the naked mole rat, in a recreation of their natural habitat. If these facts are astonishing, this small African rodent still holds another peculiarity: it is the only mammal that develops a social life resembling that of insects such as bees or ants, with a well-established collective work based on hierarchies. In this regard, it is striking to see the recorded images at BIOPARC of the only female with reproductive capacity, "the queen," and how other individuals "assist" in the birth process, taking each newborn one by one, examining and cleaning them, and starting their care. Like soldiers and workers, each individual has a role in the group's survival, and they even bring food to the queen, as she is the only one capable of producing milk.

Julio 2023 - Nace una camada de ratas topo en BIOPARC Valencia_2

The study of this reproductive aptitude has completely shattered established beliefs, such as the idea that female mammals have a finite number of eggs. On the contrary, naked mole rats are fertile throughout their lives. These discoveries open new avenues for research into human treatments.

The glass-enclosed enclosure at BIOPARC allows for observing the tunnels, movements, and behaviors of the naked mole rat colonies. For most people, this animal is completely unfamiliar, and understanding its uniqueness is enlightening. They can live with little oxygen and switch from warm-blooded to cold-blooded (like reptiles) depending on the concentration of this gas. They have an enormous pain resistance, an impressive lifespan of up to 30 years, and are equipped with four large incisors that move in all directions at their will, which they use to dig their burrows and defend themselves against predators.

Julio 2023 - Nace una camada de ratas topo en BIOPARC Valencia

Julio 2023 - Nace una camada de ratas topo en BIOPARC Valencia_2