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July 2023

Heartwarming Moment at Twycross Zoo: Maxine the Vicuña Welcomes Her 10th Offspring

On July 22, 2023, an incredible and heartwarming moment was captured on film at Twycross Zoo when their 17-year-old vicuña, Maxine, gave birth. Maxine, an experienced and nurturing mother, welcomed her 10th offspring into the world, a charming cria (the term for baby llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas). The birthing process was witnessed with awe by both zookeepers and fortunate visitors, as well as the other vicuñas sharing the habitat. Shortly after entering the world, the adorable cria was already on its feet, eagerly suckling from its mother and bravely exploring its new surroundings. Exclusive photos taken during the week of the birth revealed a joyful and healthy cria, often staying close to its mother's side, while also mustering the courage to venture out and discover the enclosure. It was a truly special and unforgettable moment at Twycross Zoo.


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Critically Endangered Orangutan Born at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo has welcomed its first critically endangered Bornean orangutan baby for more than two decades after first time mother Jingga gave birth in the early hours of Wednesday 14th June.

Visitors will be able to see the infant, which keepers have confirmed as male, when the orangutan house is reopened on Saturday 1st July following a short period of closure to allow mother and son to bond.

Jingga, who is 13, came to Blackpool in 2017 from her birthplace in Barcelona and the baby’s father, Kawan, joined her, along with Blackpool born Cherie and Summer, in 2022.


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San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Celebrates the Birth of Two Sumatran Tiger Cubs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park — Just in Time for Global Tiger Day, July 29

Cubs’ Arrival Increases the Population of this Critically Endangered Species

SAN DIEGO (July 27, 2023) — San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is celebrating the birth of two Sumatran tiger cubs—the first of this critically endangered species to be born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail habitat in seven years. Their birth also comes just in time for Global Tiger Day. With only an estimated 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers remaining on Earth, the births are significant in increasing the worldwide population of this tiger species and furthering the nonprofit conservation organization’s ongoing work to conserve them.

Tiger Den Still_1

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Baby Gorilla Makes Public Debut at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today announced that guests now have a chance to see the newborn gorilla and the rest of the troop daily at the Zoo’s Primate, Cat & Aquatics building.

Born on July 19 to mom, Kebi Moyo (32), and dad, Mokolo (36), the newborn Western lowland gorilla is only the second gorilla born at the Zoo in its 141 years after Kayembe, who was born in 2021. Kebi and the newborn have continued to show positive signs of development including nursing and bonding amongst the other members of the troop.

Weighing approximately 4 lbs. at birth, newborn gorillas are in almost constant contact with their mother for the first six months and nurse for about three years. During this time, Kebi and the infant may not be visible at times throughout the day based on their individual needs.   


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Joyful Arrival: Welcoming the Newest Masai Giraffe Calf at Franklin Park Zoo!

Franklin Park Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a Masai giraffe calf.

Born on July 14, the male calf stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 184 pounds. Within an hour of his birth, the calf was standing and nursing from mom, Amari. The day after the birth, the Zoo’s veterinary team examined the newborn calf, which included bloodwork and a physical exam.

“He is a strong, healthy calf and appears bright and alert,” said Dr. Chris Bonar, Zoo New England Director of Animal Health. “As with any newborn, he will be closely monitored by his care team as he continues to grow and reach milestones.”

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Adorable Fur Seal Pup Makes a Splash at Zoo Vienna

The youngest offspring at Zoo Vienna is hard to miss. On July 17, a female fur seal was born. When it's hungry, it loudly draws attention to itself to get its mother's care. "In the first few days, the mother and the young seal were in the backstage area, but now they can be seen by the visitors in a specially designed shallow water area. The little one is already making its first attempts at swimming. The mother is very experienced and takes good care of her offspring," says Simone Haderthauer, the zoological curator. Fur seals can swim and dive from birth, but practice makes perfect! Once the young seal is confident both on land and in water, she will join the rest of the group.


Photo Credits: Daniel Zupanc

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Four Capybaras—the World’s Largest Rodents—Born at the San Diego Zoo

SAN DIEGO (July 25, 2023) — The San Diego Zoo has welcomed four capybara pups, born to second-time mother Rosalina and first-time father Bowie on July 23, 2023. Capybaras are precocial—meaning they’re more mature and mobile at birth—so, the four youngsters are already nursing and following mom. Despite their scientific name Hydrochoerus, which means “water hog,” capybaras are not pigs—they are the world’s largest rodent. They are related to guinea pigs, hamsters and mice. Capybaras are found in Central and South America, where they roam swampy, grassy regions bordering rivers, ponds, streams and lakes. The capybara is not currently classified as an endangered species, although it is threatened by deforestation, habitat destruction and illegal poaching. The capybara youngsters are at the San Diego Zoo’s Elephant Odyssey, alongside the Baird’s tapir.

Otterly Adorable: Edinburgh Zoo's New Pups Ace First Health Check!


The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) is celebrating the birth of six adorable Asian small-clawed otters at Edinburgh Zoo. Born on 23 May to parents Barry and Luna, the pups recently received their first health check. Expert vets at the wildlife conservation charity confirmed they are five boys and one girl. All pups are doing well.

Alison MacLean, carnivore team leader at Edinburgh Zoo said, “We are delighted to welcome our newest additions, who are already proving to be very feisty. Barry and Luna arrived at the zoo in 2020 and have previously shown themselves to be very attentive parents. They can often be seen swimming and diving with their older pups in the stream in their enclosure.


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Vibrant Triplets Join Red River Hog Family: A Heartwarming Tale of Camouflaged Cuteness and Conservation

The red river hog family at Marwell Wildlife has expanded its ranks with the arrival of three adorable piglets born on Tuesday, 18 July.

The proud parents, Lisala and Kermit, are no strangers to parenthood, having previously welcomed twins in August of the previous year.

These new arrivals, identified as triplets, boast more vibrant markings compared to their parents and can be observed within the red river hog habitat alongside their mother, father, and older brother Matonda.


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