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June 2023

Tamarin Twins For Cotswold Wildlife Park

This Father’s Day Cotswold Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the birth of Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins twins and celebrate one of the most devoted dads in the animal kingdom.

Human dads receive plenty of recognition on Father’s Day, celebrated this year on Sunday June 18, but the animal kingdom also has its share of committed fathers. While many males play a role in the rearing of their young, Cotton-top Tamarin fathers go above and beyond when it comes to raising their offspring.

12a Cotton-top Tamarin baby on dad's back

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Her Name Is Zahra

Following Public Vote, the Western Lowland Gorilla at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute Receives Her Name

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute’s (NZCBI) 2-week-old western lowland gorilla received her name today. After five days of voting and just over 25,000 votes, the winning name is Zahra [ZAH-rah], which means “beautiful flower” in Swahili. It was one of three names that were offered for a public online vote from June 5 to June 9 on the Zoo’s website. Zahra received 12,071 votes—50% of the total votes. Lola [LOH-la], Yoruba for “greatness,” came in second with 7,894 votes, or 30% of the total. In third place was Mkali [M-KAH-lee], Swahili for “fierce,” which received 5,563 votes, or 20% of the total.


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Must-see Vision Of Zola 'Being Mum' With Little Happy 

We just had to share this heartwarming vision of three-year-old Zola playing at 'being mum' with little chimp, Happy. 

In the film you can see Zola carefully preparing a nest for her 'make believe' baby (actually a stone), then being allowed to carry her little troop friend, five-month-old Happy, under the close supervision of mum Hannah before lastly, having a careful cuddle with the very wriggly one while Hannah watches on. 

Zola 5 6th Jan 2021

"Zola has always had a very maternal side and we have often caught her playing with rocks and building nests for her stones, even picking them up and carrying in her leg pocket as some ape mother's do. Since Happy was born, Hannah has been allowing Zola to get closer and closer to her baby boy. Recently she was allowed to carry him under Hannah's guidance and often has him in her lap," says Laura Hanley, Senior Keeper Primates, Monarto Safari Park.

"While sister Hope is interested in her brother, Zola is infatuated," finished Laura. 

Chimpanzees, like humans, are highly social animals and often share the caring of young. 

Monarto Safari Park is home to troop of 13 Chimpanzees and supports the Jane Goodall Institute Australia as well as Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. 

For more information about the Chimpanzee troop and how you can support the species conservation, please visit

The Public Can Help Name a Baby Western Lowland Gorilla at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Starting today, June 5, western lowland gorilla fans will have an opportunity to vote on a name for a baby gorilla born May 27 at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI). Every western lowland gorilla birth is cause for celebration as this species is considered critically endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature. This morning, primate keepers threw a party for the gorilla troop, and festive enrichment revealed that the newborn is female. Voters can select their favorite names today through noon Friday, June 9, on the Zoo’s website. The winning name will be announced June 9.


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Cheetah Cubs Are Spot On At Health Check

Monarto, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — May 15, 2023 - Monarto Safari Park vet Jerome Kalvas and keeper Michelle Lloyd no longer have to join the dots when it comes to determining the sex of Cheetah Qailee’s litter after performing a full health check on the eight and nine week-old cubs.

“We have a boy and a girl as well as the female foster cub. It’s great news,” said Jerome.  

The three cubs were each weighed, microchipped, vaccinated and given a body condition score with Jerome giving each one the clean bill of health.


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Chester Zoo Celebrates The Arrival Of A Sulawesi Crested Macaque Baby

Conservationists at Chester Zoo are celebrating the birth of a rare Sulawesi crested macaque monkey – one of the world’s most endangered primates.

The new arrival, who is yet to be sexed or named, was born on 16 May to proud new mum Rumple and dad Mamassa.

In the wild the charismatic primates face numerous threats including habitat loss as a result of deforestation, illegal logging and the expansion of farming land, as well as hunting and the illegal pet trade.


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Endangered Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo Joey Born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Birth Provides Hope for the Future of Her Species

SAN DIEGO (June 1, 2023) — The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is celebrating a conservation milestone with the birth of an endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo—only the second time this species has been born at the Safari Park. The female joey, named Kikori, was born to mother Arona and father Bek, at the end of August 2022 at the Safari Park’s Walkabout Australia.

“We are elated with the birth of this Matschie’s tree kangaroo joey,” said Donovan Vila, wildlife care specialist, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Matschie’s tree kangaroos are endangered, so this joey provides hope for the future of this species.”  

Matschie's tree kangaroo joey T2023_0144_013_Med

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Oakland Zoo Welcomes New Bundle of Joy, Birth of Baby Gibbon 

On Sunday at 9 PM, Mei, a white-handed gibbon, became a first-time mother.

Oakland, CA – May 31, 2023… Oakland Zoo is celebrating the arrival of its newest resident, a white-handed gibbon baby, born this past weekend to parents Mei (female, age 12) and Rainier (male, age 11). Animal care staff observed, via live cam, as Mei began laboring at 3 PM on Sunday in the gibbon’s nighthouse. Six hours later, she successfully gave birth and immediately began demonstrating excellent maternal care by cradling and nursing her newborn baby. The delivery comes after a four-year-long courtship between Mei and Rainier, both as first-time parents who were introduced at Oakland Zoo after coming from other AZA-accredited zoos in 2019. Gibbons mate for life, and pairs become closely bonded, vocalizing duets in the mornings.

Mei and Baby; Photo Credit Oakland Zoo;Steve Goodall (4)

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