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Capybaras, the South American species that is currently taking the internet by storm with their sensational attitudes and moves, are getting ready to break the internet once again at the Hertfordshire zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park.

The Hertfordshire zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park is excited to announce that they have welcomed three capybara babies commonly known as pups to first-time mum Coroline. A zoo spokesman said: ‘They have definitely made themselves at home and have already got very mischievous personalities!’ In the early hours of the 2nd of June, the zoo's CCTV cameras captured the incredible moment when the three pups were welcomed into the world, as well as capturing them on their feet within the first 30 minutes of being born. 

LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup

The head keeper of the Hertfordshire zoo stated: ‘It has been so great to welcome these new additions to the zoo, it is the first time in over a decade we have had capybara pups with us and mum Coroline has been an excellent mum and even dad Mani has taken on his responsibilities with flying colours for the first-time power couple parents.’

This semi-aquatic species native to South America, is known as the largest rodent on Earth and can be found often in dense vegetation. With their distinctive shaped bodies and ever-cute facial features, Capybaras continue to captivate the hearts of the world with their social presence. Births such as the capybara litter at Paradise Wildlife Park allow zoos to highlight the importance of conservation and protection of wild habitats, where these much-loved species can thrive and flourish.

LCA _ 3 Pups

The pups continue to grow strong and healthy and are gaining confidence daily. They have already been seen roaming their habitat with Mum at their side and soon we are sure they will be having their own zoomies around the habitat and taking a dip in their large pool.

You can visit the Capybara pups now at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

LCA _ Capybara family

Photo Credit: Paradise Wildlife Park

Writing Credit: Rebecca Davies

LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup
LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup
LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup
LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup
LCA_ Mum Coraline and Pup