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Hagenbeck Has A Polar Bear Baby - Polar Bear Lady Victoria Gives Birth To A Healthy Polar Bear Baby

It's a small sensation - the first polar bear baby in the Arctic Ocean Exhibit at Hagenbeck Zoo. On December 19, 2022, female polar bear Victoria gave birth to a healthy cub in the shelter of her den. The first days after birth are critical for polar bear cubs, they are born almost naked, blind and deaf and weigh only around 900 grams.


“We are very happy about the first polar bear cub in the polar sea. For Hagenbeck, this offspring in the second generation is an enormous breeding success and proof that our breeding efforts for this endangered animal species are paying off," says Dr. Westhoff, Zoological Director at Hagenbeck, delighted with this special offspring.

The last polar bear baby was Victoria herself, who was born near Hagenbeck in 2002. Now the 21-year-old polar bear has become a mother for the first time and has been caring and loving for her newborn from the very first minute. Zookeepers and veterinarians can monitor Victoria's behavior via a camera that monitors the predators' birthing den. “The two spent the first few months completely undisturbed in their cave. Only recently we cautiously made contact for the first time and visited the polar bear mum for a few minutes, but she was very relaxed. The first impression of the young animal is consistently positive, it looks healthy, lively and alert," emphasizes Dr. Westhoff with satisfaction.


It is not yet clear when the offspring will be on display for visitors. In order to be able to offer Victoria and her baby even more space in the polar sea, polar bear male Kap and father of the cub will leave Hagenbeck in coordination with the coordinators of the EEP (European Endangered Species Program).

In the coming days, a monitor will be installed in the polar bear enclosure so that all visitors can observe the cub inside the facility.


“I am very proud that we can now present our absolute highlight of this summer – a baby polar bear – to our visitors in addition to other special cubs such as leopards, tigers and orangutans. Hagenbeck is and remains an animal highlight," emphasizes Dr. Dirk Albrecht, Managing Director of Hagenbeck Zoo.