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Brevard Zoo Welcomes Klipspringer Calf

MELBOURNE, Fla., March 22, 2023 — Brevard Zoo welcomed a new baby to its Expedition Africa loop. On Saturday, March 18, klipspringer Deborah gave birth around 10:30 a.m. on habitat in Expedition Africa. While some eagle-eyed guests got to see the newborn baby, officials soon moved mom and little one to a behind-the-scenes area to give them time to bond.

Veterinary staff performed a neonatal exam on Tuesday, March 21, where it was determined the baby is female and is in good health. Animal care staff have observed the newborn nursing and note that Deborah is a “great mom.” At the time of exam, the little one weighed just over 2 pounds!


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Long-necked Bundle of Joy

Dallas Zoo’s thrilled to share that their giraffe herd has grown by one! Mom Chrystal and dad Tebogo welcomed a healthy, 131-pound baby GIRL on Sunday, March 19.

Both mom and baby are doing well. This sweet girl is very attached to mom and follows her everywhere. They’re giving them all the time they need to bond privately behind the scenes for now, but will let us know when this little lady is ready to go out on habitat!

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Celebrates Birth of Two Rare Amur Leopards

The Cubs, Born at the San Diego Zoo, Increase Population of the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat Species

SAN DIEGO (March 28, 2023) — A birth of twins is exceptional, no matter the species. However, when those twins are Amur leopards—and fewer than 300 of those big cats are estimated to exist on Earth—the births are especially significant. This week, wildlife care staff at the San Diego Zoo announced the birth of two Amur leopard cubs, increasing this rare cat’s estimated worldwide population by two and furthering the nonprofit conservation organization’s ongoing work to save this vital Asian species.   


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Audubon Aquarium Welcomes New Penguin Chick

Animal care team at Audubon Aquarium has a new resident to care for these days. Penguin parents Ocio and Hubig are once again the proud parents of a healthy new penguin chick.

The male chick hatched in an incubator February 10th, and is being hand raised by penguin staffers. There were originally two eggs, one remained with the parents in the nest but sadly was infertile. Taking care of a penguin chick means preparing special food and almost round-the-clock feedings.  Initially the chick is fed a diet of liquids before being introduced to the fish he will eat as an adult.


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Andean Bear Cub Brothers Now on View Outdoors at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Just in time for spring break, two male Andean bear cubs named Sean and Ian are now on view at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) in Washington, D.C. Over the past few weeks, the animal care team has worked with the brothers to prepare them for the transition. Cubs Ian and Sean began exploring the yard in mid-March alongside their mother, 4-year-old Brienne. For the past four months, members of the public have joined animal care staff in observing the cubs play and explore via a live Andean Bear Cub Cam and follow along with their growth through online “cubdates.”


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Spot-foster: Australasian First for Vulnerable Little Cheetah Cubs and Their Carers

When a single Cheetah cub was born at Monarto Safari Park late in the night on Sunday 5 March, keepers were delighted but concerned.

This was just the beginning of a very spotty ‘tail’ that ended in an Australasian first for Zoos SA.

The female cub was born to seven-year-old Quella, but when particular big cat species like Cheetah give birth to one cub, called a singleton, they cannot produce enough milk to sustain their newborn.


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Baby Kendari and The Orangutans Enjoy Spring-like Weather

Not only are we happy about the spring-like temperatures, but also the orangutans at Zoo Vienna. When the weather is sunny, the apes can immediately conquer their outdoor enclosure again. Two years ago it was completely redesigned and transformed into a climbing paradise with additional trees, ropes and nests as resting places. The nine-month-old cub is still curiously discovering everything from the back of its mother. "Everything is new, our orangutan girl is still careful. In the indoor area, the little one is already climbing around on her own. In a few weeks she will also dare to do this in the outdoor enclosure," says district manager Sandra Keiblinger. Young orangutans can only keep up with adults when they are two to three years old.


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Baby Monkey Hiccups

Is there anything cuter than a baby Spider Monkey with the hiccups? We think not.

Wellington Zoo’s (New Zealand) newest arrival is an ambassador for the plight of the endangered Spider Monkey population. One of the greatest threats to the population is deforestation.

One simple thing we can all do to help is purchase paper and wood products that have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo. This means you're supporting sustainably sourced products that haven't come from the homes of wild animals.

Video: Wellington Zoo Keeper Courtney


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Incredibly Rare Birth Wows Zoo Guests

Guests got to witness the birth of a Critically Endangered addax calf when mother, Amelie, went into labour on Wednesday morning at Marwell Wildlife.

The male calf was born shortly after 12:30pm in the zoo’s Arid Lands exhibit, opposite the meerkats. Guests were able to watch the incredibly rare birth through the viewing window.

The new arrival has not been named yet but is reported to be feeding well having found his feet shortly after he was born.


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Baby "Riot Frogs"

The calls of the Mission golden-eyed tree frog are among the loudest of all frogs. They always take place three times in a row and the noise level is comparable to that of a car horn. In 2021, new individuals came from Zurich Zoo to Zoo Vienna. Now, after a break of a few years, there are offspring of these “riot frogs” once again at the Zoo.

“Mission golden-eyed tree frog is particularly exciting because it lives in the treetops of tropical rainforests in the Amazon region. It uses water-filled tree cavities at a height of up to 30 meters to lay its eggs. The people there hardly ever see him, they only know him from his loud calls. The males have two extraordinarily large acoustic sacs,” explains Anton Weissenbacher, Head of the Zoological Department.


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