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A sprinkling of Happy-ness for your Thursday

How could you not be ‘Happy’ when watching this cute video!

In footage that’s sure to brighten you day, Adelaide Zoo keepers have shared this gorgeous moment two-month old Chimpanzee, Happy, had some tummy tickles and kisses with mum, Hannah, and big sister, Hope.


Senior Keeper of Primates, Laura Hanley, said Happy is doing amazingly well and is already beloved by keepers and visitors alike.

"We’re all smitten with little Happy, he is such a wonderful addition to the Chimpanzee troop,” she said.

“In this video you can see he is starting to have a bit of free time to build strength and coordination. He is also focusing more and really intrigued by Hannah and his sister Hope.

“It’s been amazing to see him growing and developing each day.”

Happy was born on 21 December, 2022 and was named by world-renowned ethologist Dr Jane Goodall DBE in honour of the emotions conservationists feel for this incredible species.

This is particularly poignant as Dr Goodall, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, named Hannah’s first daughter, Hope, in 2019.

To celebrate Happy joining the troop, we’d love for visitors, staff and volunteers to drop in their phones and electronic devices to Monarto Safari Park and Adelaide Zoo.

Just bring it along next time you visit and drop your donations at the collection points including in the Safari Shop and at the Adelaide Zoo entry.

If you have more than 10 devices along with their accessories, you can arrange for a free courier pickup – why not see if your friends or colleagues have some phones too!

For more information on how to donate your phone to help Chimpanzee conservation, please visit zoossa.com.au/conservation/theyre-calling-on-you.

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