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The Newest, Cutest Babies at Copenhagen Zoo

On December 27th, Cindy gave birth to a perfect baby! This is her 6th child over the 20 years she has lived at the zoo, making her quite an experienced mother.

Copenhagen also has three little lion cubs! They came into the world on December 1st.  Like most other cubs, they are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives, so the family had total peace inside the barn.

Visitors will have to wait for the warmer months to see the family out on exhibit, but look out for plenty of video updates from the zoo.

On November 12, ZOO's female anteater gave birth to a pup as well. It was against all odds for three reasons. 

  1. The mother is a full 21 years old - and anteaters usually live between 20-25 years. 
  1. The zoo didn't think the mother and father were getting along. Obviously they endured each other long enough to produce a baby! 
  1. It had been 10 years since Copenhagen last had a pup survive beyond the first day.

Video credit: @copenhagenzoo / @copenhagenzootv (YouTube)