Elephant Born at WILDLANDS!
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Checking in with Baby Kendari at Six Months

Like their adult animal companions, baby animals at Schönbrunn Zoo act as ambassadors for their fellow animals in the wild. This is because the greatest and saddest commonality remains the threat of habitat loss and extinction by humans.

"Conservation breeding is a central task of modern, scientifically managed zoos and aquariums in order to secure the existence of endangered animal species through reserve populations," says zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck.


Zoo Vienna’s baby orangutan success is an example of important experience in animal social grouping and the results of well-thought-out social group composition.

“In 2020, two new females joined the orangutan group. The interaction of the best support and many years of experience is very important," explains Hering-Hagenbeck.

The reward was the first orangutan offspring in over 20 years. After six months, the female cub shows its first teeth and detaches a little more from its mother every day to explore its surroundings independently.


Photos by: Daniel Zupanc