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The Newest, Cutest Babies at Copenhagen Zoo

Birth of a Bongo Caught on Camera!

ZOO Planckendael has welcomed its first birth of 2023! Bongo Hikani has given birth to a beautiful baby.

Both mom and baby are doing great! This is Hikani's first calf, but the delivery went very smoothly. Bongo Lucah is the lucky father.

ZOO Planckendael’s vet made a baby visit today and can confirm it's... a boy! The little bongo will be the first to receive a name with the letter Y this year. That is the case for every animal born in 2023 in our zoo.

For the time being baby Y will stay nice and warm with mom Hikani in the stable and unfortunately you can't spot him in his outdoor enclosure yet. To make up for it, the Zoo would like to share these unique birth images with you!