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Tis The Season To Be Jolly Koala La La La La La La! Taronga Announces Recent Emergence Of The Second Koala Joey For The Year! 

Taronga Zoo is delighted to announce the recent emergence of an adorable koala joey. The joey is estimated to be approximately eight months old and has been named Sky as a tribute to the joeys father Thunder.

The joey, which has recently been identified as a male was born to experienced mum Wattle. This is now Wattle's third joey and the second joey to emerge this breeding season as part of Taronga's Koala breeding program.

Sky the Koala Joey_ please credit Harry Vincent

Photo credit: Harry Vincent

Sky the Koala Joey and Mum Wattle-2

The little joey has reached many milestones such as transitioning from the comfort of his mother’s pouch to now hitching a ride on Wattle’s back. He has even started to try solid leaves, although he does prefer the occasional drink from Wattle’s pouch which is not unusual for his age.

For the first six to seventh months, koala joeys drink milk from the teat that is located within their mother’s pouch, but then for a couple of weeks before transitioning on to solid leaves the joey consumes what is known as pap. This is their mother’s faecal matter and is an important component of a koala joeys diet as it allows the joey to transition from milk to eucalyptus leaves and acts as baby food.

Sky the Koala Joey and Mum Wattle-5

Nicknamed 'pouch potato' by his keepers little Sky is a very curious little joey who has just started to become more and more adventurous as the days go by and is also testing the limits with his mums.

Keepers expect that in the coming week Sky will begin to explore the world around them by investigating his surroundings on his own rather than on his mother’s back.

Sky the Koala Joey and Mum Wattle-1

Guests may have the opportunity to meet Taronga's two little joeys, Sky and Phoenix this summer school holidays by booking a Koala Encounter.

With the summer school holidays in full swing, there has never been a better time to come and visit the number of new arrivals at Taronga Zoo Sydney including two adorable Red Kangaroo joeys, two adorable six-month-old Dingo pups, and now two adorable koala joeys.

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