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November 2022. The elephant born in BIOPARC Valencia begins to explore the outdoor installation.

The favorable evolution of the newborn elephant has allowed it to continue its process of adaptation to different areas and can now be seen in the enclosure that recreates the savannah. The Valencian park is launching a special promotion to celebrate this event with a €1 child ticket aimed at protecting nature through the BIOPARC Foundation.

The birth of the first African elephant born in the Valencian Community that could be seen "live" has great relevance in the conservation world, as it is the result of many years of effort and preparation by the professional team of the Valencian park within the international program for the preservation of this species.

In this sense, BIOPARC wants to commemorate this milestone and involve the whole of society with the special action "Something so small must be celebrated in a big way" and a promotion is launched with children's tickets at €1. In addition, each euro of these children's tickets (from 4 to 12 years old) will go to nature conservation through the BIOPARC Foundation. To benefit from this proposal, it is necessary to purchase a General ticket (also with the General discount, +65 or Reduced discount modalities), carry out the management through the BIOPARC website and at least the day before the visit. It will be valid until January 8 and limited to 2 children's tickets per operation.

Witnessing the first steps of the "little elephant" walking around the outer enclosure of BIOPARC is truly moving. As always, providing maximum welfare to the animals is a priority, so the staff of the department in charge of their care have prepared and adapted the different areas. The surveillance protocol remains fully active and it is necessary to maintain all precautions, since the calf is only 12 days old. Anticipating the drop in temperatures, the interiors already have an extraordinary heating device and the transition spaces such as the different shelters and the internal outdoor patio are being adapted to favor adaptation. Given the positive evolution, the next move has been to give access to the outdoor facility where it is already in public view. Facilitating the development of the little one with the greatest caution is vital, for this the place is conditioned with small mounds of earth and elements such as rocks where the "baby" gradually masters its clumsy movements, plays and imitates the behavior of its mother . Always under the criteria of the extremely protective parent that will decide where and for how long, they can be seen in the palm grove area along with other females that gradually join the group.

The objective of BIOPARC is to motivate a change in people's attitude towards the protection of the environment. The faithful recreation of the beauty of nature, together with the opportunity to watch "a live documentary" where the maternal instinct and the "mischief" of the little elephant are the protagonists, are the best way to sensitize society about the alarming loss of biodiversity of our planet. Specifically, it allows reporting on the situation of elephants, taking as a reference that last year the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had to change the degree of threat, increasing it until it was considered in its original habitat "in danger of extinction".

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