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Monarto Safari Park’s Spotted Hyena cub has had its first health check, with veterinary staff and keepers delighted the little one is in ‘tip-spot’ shape.

The two-month-old cub was carefully removed from its den to be weighed, examined, vaccinated and microchipped at the end of October. A small skin DNA sample was also taken and sent to Serengeti Hyena Research Group in Berlin to determine the cub’s sex.


Associate Veterinarian, Oliver Funnell, said the cub was in good health and weighed in at 7.01 kilograms.

"The little one is very feisty, in good health and a good bodyweight," he said.


“It is extremely difficult to tell the sex of a Spotted Hyena, with the external genitalia of both sexes appearing very similar. We took a small skin sample, which will be tested to help us determine the sex.”

Assistant curator Jon Allon said mum 14-year-old Forest has been keeping a close eye on the cub who is getting more adventurous each day.


“The cub’s spots have started to emerge and it’s very playful, often outside the den with Forest and very curious checking out all of the keepers,” he said.

“Although not guaranteed, many of our visitors taking part in the Lions at Bedtime experience have caught a glimpse of the little one while on the tour.


“We’re very happy with how it’s growing and that it’s received a clean bill of health. Now we eagerly await the results of the sex and naming competition!”

While Monarto Zoo officials await the results, they hope more cubs will join our newest bundle of joy at Monarto Safari Park and support the conservation of this amazing species.


But to do so, they need a new birthing den and cubbing box to safeguard new arrivals. Can you help?

Your donation of $50, $100 or $200 will help us build vital Spotted Hyena facilities and help them see more adorable bear-like faces join the clan!

By donating, not only will you be supporting conservation but you will all also have the chance to name Forest’s cub.

A link to vote will be sent after donation to choose between a shortlist of adorable Swahili names including Tumaini (hope), Cheka (laugh) or Cheza (to play).

The winning vote will also receive a Lions at Bedtime experience to see the clan up close. For all the details on donating and the naming competition, please click here

For more information about how to donate to Zoos SA, Spotted Hyena or Monarto Safari Park, please visit or to book your spot on a Lions at Bedtime experience, click here.