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Stevie The 5-Month-Old Chimp Is Taking Some Big Steps At Zoo Knoxville!

Due to complications at birth, Stevie had to be hand-raised. To integrate back more easily into the troop, it is crucial for a hand-reared infant chimp to develop normal social behaviors early on.

Stevie currently has a feeding at midnight. This is something she will need to be able to drop so that the routines of the other chimps are not disrupted by this late-night feeding.

In the meantime, Stevie is hitting all her milestones and getting used exploring her home!

Chimpanzees are being driven to extinction by habitat loss, disease, and their biggest threat, illegal poaching. Zoo Knoxville is working in partnership with 32 other zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to ensure a healthy population remains as hope for the future.