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Eyare at 6 Months!

Can you believe it? Calgary Zoo’s #YYCGorillaBaby, 'Eyare', is 6 months old today! 🦍 Her curiosity continues to bloom and she is becoming more independent each day. Today, we’re sharing a recent milestone moment for Calgary Zoo’s troop – ‘Eyare’ playing with ‘Yewande’ on her own for the first time!

Western lowland gorillas are a social species. Each troop member has a distinct and dynamic personality, and their interactions can help to shape relationships and form bonds over time. Yewande has been very interested in Eyare since she was born but the troop takes their cues from gorilla mom, ‘Dossi’ as to what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to Eyare. 😉

Here you can see Eyare playing with Yewande and even briefly visiting ‘Zuri’ without Dossi being close by or coming to interrupt the visit. Yewande is known by her human caregivers for being more of a ‘rough and tumble’ kind of gorilla but she was very gentle with Eyare. Interactions like these are not only a big step for our gorilla mom, her infant, and our troop, but a sure sign of positive troop dynamics. 🧡

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