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October 2022

Lisoko Is Nearly 8 Months Old!

ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen’s chimp infant Lisoko is now almost 8 months old. He’s slowly becoming more and more independent. Mother Jahaga leaves him more and more often to 7-year-old Dayo, who proudly carries the little one around and even climbs with him to the top of the tree. As you can see in the video, he takes care of Lisoko very nicely. Also, Yumma and even the 5-year-old Kojo are now allowed to go for a romp on the exhibit with Lisoko. Lisoko is still being nursed, but he is already eating solid foods like salad or carrots. He can already walk on all fours. However, when his mother as well as the other chimpanzees move too far away from him, he is not fully independent yet and he calls for Jahaga.


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One, Two, Three Cheeky Monkeys – A New Trio Born At Woburn Safari Park

There’s reason to celebrate at Woburn Safari Park, with the exciting arrival of three new Guianan squirrel monkey babies!

The infants were born last week to mothers Ringo and Tye, both aged 13, and Jammie Dodger aged 12, and takes the total squirrel monkey troop at Woburn up to 28!

All mums and offspring are doing well and displaying all the behaviours that keepers would expect from new arrivals and recent parents.

Guianan squirrel monkey babies at Woburn Safari Park 2

Whilst the males provide no parental care, the squirrel monkey infants will be dependent on mum for almost everything for the first few weeks.

Louise King, Keeper, explains: "Nursing, comfort and protection will be top on the agenda for these experienced mothers in the coming weeks. They’ll also provide a comfortable place for little ones to sleep whilst they become familiar with the rest of the group and their new surroundings.

“Squirrel monkeys are a really sociable species so as the infants grow and become more independent we expect to see a lot more interaction with the other monkeys. We can’t wait until these newest babies are big enough to join in the fun with the other playful primates!

 Louise reported that siblings and other members of the troop have already shown an interest, and were seen approaching mums and babies and looking protective over the tiny new arrivals.

Guianan squirrel monkeys are the smallest of the primate family Cebidae, and are found in tropical rainforests in South America. Although not currently listed as endangered, they face threat from forest destruction and fragmentation, so keepers are delighted that visitors to the Park will have the opportunity to learn more about this species and how they interact as the Woburn troop continues to grow.

The tiny trio won’t be sexed until the youngsters grow and begin independently exploring their new home, but with a recently refurbished enclosure featuring a huge network of ropes, vantage points, platforms, and feeding devices it won’t be long until they are confidently bounding about with their brothers and sisters!

Guests can already spot the youngsters out with their mums from the viewing platforms in the Monkey Mayhem enclosure, particularly during one of the demonstration times.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Invites Guests to Celebrate Baby Gorilla Kayembe’s 1st Birthday

Zoo announces first children’s book to commemorate the occasion

On Wednesday, October 26, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is celebrating baby gorilla, Kayembe’s, 1st birthday. Kayembe made history as the first gorilla born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in its 140 years.

Kayembe eating greens

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Fennec Fox Kits!

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is celebrating the birth of four fennec fox kits in the past six months. All four kits were born to fennec fox parents, Malika (mom) and Jelani (dad) at The Living Desert’s Desert Carnivore Conservation Center: a behind-the-scenes research, breeding, and conservation facility.

Stanley, a male kit, was born on April 8th, 2022. At the time, Malika was a first-time mom, and this was the first fennec fox birth at The Living Desert in eight years, since Jelani, Stanley's father, was born.


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Eyare at 6 Months!

Can you believe it? Calgary Zoo’s #YYCGorillaBaby, 'Eyare', is 6 months old today! 🦍 Her curiosity continues to bloom and she is becoming more independent each day. Today, we’re sharing a recent milestone moment for Calgary Zoo’s troop – ‘Eyare’ playing with ‘Yewande’ on her own for the first time!

Western lowland gorillas are a social species. Each troop member has a distinct and dynamic personality, and their interactions can help to shape relationships and form bonds over time. Yewande has been very interested in Eyare since she was born but the troop takes their cues from gorilla mom, ‘Dossi’ as to what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to Eyare. 😉

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Second Okapi Calf Of The Year Born At Antwerp ZOO

Seven months after okapi Lindi, okapi Zaire gave birth to a new okapi on 7 October in the Moorish temple of Antwerp ZOO. The caretakers watched and saw the animal being born live. It is her first young and everything went well. It is also his first offspring for sire Ubundu. Antwerp ZOO is the worldwide okapi expert and matchmaker for new flocks in zoos and monitors the welfare and survival of these special, endangered animals. This birth is again fantastic news!


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BABY WATCH: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe is in Labor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 19, 2022) – Bailey, a 10-year-old reticulated giraffe at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is in active labor. The giraffe barn will remain closed and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will provide updates to media as soon as possible.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will broadcast updates from its Facebook page and YouTube live stream. Recipients of this news release are granted permission from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to re-broadcast footage originally broadcast by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on social media and from the live birth camera through October 21, 2022.

Miracle Endangered Red Panda Cub That ‘Gave Hope’ Goes Outdoors For The First Time!

The tiny paws have ventured out to the great outdoors!  The Endangered red panda cub fondly known as ‘Little Red’ that captured the hearts of the world in the Summer has stepped outside for the first time. Paradise Wildlife Park announced the miracle birth after the very sad passing of their male red panda Nam Pang.

Tilly with _Little red_ - Robert Everett

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Stevie The 5-Month-Old Chimp Is Taking Some Big Steps At Zoo Knoxville!

Due to complications at birth, Stevie had to be hand-raised. To integrate back more easily into the troop, it is crucial for a hand-reared infant chimp to develop normal social behaviors early on.

Stevie currently has a feeding at midnight. This is something she will need to be able to drop so that the routines of the other chimps are not disrupted by this late-night feeding.

In the meantime, Stevie is hitting all her milestones and getting used exploring her home!

Chimpanzees are being driven to extinction by habitat loss, disease, and their biggest threat, illegal poaching. Zoo Knoxville is working in partnership with 32 other zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to ensure a healthy population remains as hope for the future.

Conservationists Hatch World’s Largest Chameleon At Chester Zoo In UK Zoo First

Reptile experts at Chester Zoo have become the first in the UK to successfully breed the world’s largest chameleon.

Staff at the conservation zoo believe it to be the first time ever that the rare Parson’s chameleon has hatched in a UK zoo – according to official records.

So far 10 chameleons have emerged from their eggs, with another 17 still in incubation. Parson’s chameleons currently hold the record for the longest incubation period of any reptile – the process of the eggs being laid and then hatching taking up to around two years.

Reptile experts at Chester Zoo have become the first in the UK to breed rare Parson_s chameleons   (23)

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