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Rose and Sage: An Orphaned Mountain Lion Rescue Story

The cats have left the building….we repeat….the cats have left the building…

Rose and Sage, the two orphaned mountain lion rescues Oakland Zoo has been taking care of for several months at their veterinary hospital, have left Oakland Zoo and are on their way to their “furrever home,” The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California.

Officials are sad to see this pair leave, but grateful they were able to rehabilitate them, help them find a permanent home (and each other!)

They’ve offered big thanks to their wildlife rescue partner California Department of Fish and Wildlife, without whom these rescues would not be possible.

Oakland Zoo is committed to Taking Action to reduce human-wildlife conflict, an ongoing issue that Rose & Sage will represent to the many visitors who will experience their beauty in person at The Living Desert, and the thousands of you who have already been touched by their story.

More about Oakland Zoo’s work rescuing and rehabilitating mountain lions: