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Mountain Lions, Rose and Sage, Arrive at The Living Desert

Rose and Sage have arrived! 😻 We are thrilled to share that Rose and Sage, the rescued mountain lions from the Oakland Zoo, have arrived safely and are settling in at their new home at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Both cats were calm throughout the first evening and are already acclimating to their new surroundings. "Through our camera monitoring, we observed expected behaviors including drinking, grooming, exploring, and sleeping,” noted Heather Down, Animal Care Curator of The Living Desert. “Rose and Sage will remain behind-the-scenes for about a week, as they get accustomed to their new environment and the animal care team builds a relationship with them.” Once they are comfortable, the dynamic duo will be introduced into the mountain lion habitat in Eagle Canyon. “We are so excited to welcome Rose and Sage to The Living Desert,” said RoxAnna Breitigan, Director of Animal Care. “These cats have such an amazing story, and we are honored to be part of their next chapter. We are so proud of our colleagues at the Oakland Zoo for the exemplary care and dedication to the wellbeing of these amazing animals.” Welcome to your fur-ever home, Rose and Sage!

Welcome Rose and Sage at The Living Desert_9.23.22_Photo Credit The Living Desert