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Kibo, a critically endangered infant western-lowland gorilla at Zoo Madrid, turned 8 months old yesterday!

With four teeth on top and four on the bottom, baby Kibo now delights in eating solid fruits and veggies. His favorite is kiwi. Kibo is not yet not fully weaned from his mother Kukeña's breast milk.


The little baby gorilla comes by his love of fruits and veggies honestly. Kukeña, a first-time mother, gave birth to him on January 28th of this year.  Attending her every need in these early days, the care team made sure the new mom had all the fruits and veggies she needed.

Kukeña could be seen devouring her favorite breakfast foods without letting go of her newborn for even a moment.


ZooBorns is delighted to share these video clips, both archival and recent, which mark how far Kibo’s come over the past 8 months.