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Happy Birthday Hoglet!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s little Red River hog is one month old today! To celebrate, the entire hog family enjoyed foraging for yummy produce inside some birthday-themed cardboard boxes (painted with non-toxic paint, of course) in the sunny yard.

Because the hoglet and its mom have been doing so well, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have not needed to perform any up-close examinations, which means they haven't 100% confirmed its sex, either. As soon as they do, they’ll let you know.

The little hoglet is growing quickly and bonding with its family. It is still nursing and lives with Zena full-time. It also spends a lot of time with Pinto, Huey and Zena together. It seems to like picking up sticks and pieces of produce, jumping over logs, climbing onto its family members, getting the 'zoomies,' and rooting in the mud.

Mom, Zena, is protective and patient as her spunky little one zooms through the yard, jumps over logs, wallows in the mud, and joins in family cuddle puddles. Huey, an active and engaged dad, is already showing the little hoglet how to wallow and use its snout to root around the yard. First-time big sister, Pinto, is getting more and more comfortable with this inquisitive little one who likes to walk underneath her and smell things as she's investigating them.