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Get Ready For Double The Cuteness!

Get ready for double the cuteness! Beginning Friday, September 9, OKC Zoo guests will have an opportunity to view the Zoo’s critically endangered Sumatran tiger cub siblings, Luna and Bob, along with their mom, Lola, at their Cat Forest habitat. Mom and cubs will be viewable from 9 to 11 a.m. daily.

OKC Zoo Sumatran tiger cubs credit Jennifer D.

According to carnivore caretakers, introducing the cubs to their outdoor habitat is a significant milestone for them and they are successfully navigating their new surroundings. Lola’s little ones are curious about their new space, its smells and landscape, and enjoy exploring the habitat although they tend to not venture too far from mom! Caretakers will continue to monitor the family group throughout this introduction process.

OKC Zoo Sumatran tiger Lola and cubs credit Jennifer D.

Photos and videos by Jennifer D. and Mandi T. taken at OKCZoo

OKC Zoo Sumatran tiger cubs Bob and Luna credit Jennifer D.