Messy Meets Cute!
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Welcomes Watermelon-Striped Baby Red River Hog

Dust Bath with a Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec

Even for Madagascar hedgehog tenrecs, self-care is so important. This little fellow is taking a dust bath and scent-anointing (rubbing the new scent into his spines). Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Keepers give tenrecs novel scents and substrates as enrichment to encourage this natural behavior. In the wild, scent can be used as camouflage and parasite repellent!

Meet and greet amazing Smithsonian National Zoo animals at Brew at the Zoo on Sept. 8. Get up close to an adorable tenrec who looks even more adorable taking a dust bath. Tickets include unlimited beer & cider tastings, a souvenir glass & live music. Link to purchase tickets: