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You Can Help Name These Bintlets!

Michigan’s Potter Park Zoo is offering $5 chances to name their baby bintlets! Visit the contest link in the video description and cast your vote before Friday at 10pm EST.

There are four name pairs to vote from!

Archie and Shirley

Orville and Betty

Fern and Rufus

Bintang and Zulla

(Bintang means star in Malay)

(Zulla means shade (shade of trees) in Malay)

ZooBorns has featured this pair twice to much fanfare. You can follow the links below to learn more about their birth and development.

Most recently, keepers have been working with the pair to get them acclimatized to their outdoor habitat.

All donations will support Potter Park Zoo and its mission to “inspire the conservation of animals and the natural world”.

Let us know how you voted in the comments and ZooBorns will cast another vote for the most popular name pair as of Friday morning (August 26).

The official contest ends Friday 10 p.m. EST.

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