Making History: Endangered Species Hatches at GPZ 
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Three New Lion Cubs!

"We at Antwerp Zoo have some very big news to announce!

Yesterday, our lion, Nestor, not only celebrated his tenth birthday, but also became a father for the second time!

His first litter is already independent and big enough now to begin a new chapter. And, as is the case in nature, the second litter follows the first very quickly!

Three new lion cubs were born yesterday!

This second litter delights us. Why?

Because they are very important for the breeding program.

The African lion is an endangered species.

We have very important bloodlines from a genetic point of view. This new litter is a godsend.

The cubs are in perfect health. Tasa, again, proves to be an excellent mother.

The little ones remain safe inside, near their mother, for the moment. Once they start to walk around, visitors will be able to see them.

You’ll then be able to enjoy our new lion cubs with us!"