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Red River Hoglets!

We’re celebrating the arrival of Marwell Wildlife’s first ever red river hoglets, born at Marwell On Sunday 7 August.

The twins, who are yet to be named, were born to mother Lisla and father Kermit and are already exploring their enclosure between naps.

Red river hoglets have more vivid markings than their adult counterparts and in the wild, the rows of pale yellow spots would help them camouflage in long grass to avoid being seen by predators.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (2)

Gestation lasts around four-months and young are up and on their feet within a few hours of being born.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (11)

Ian Goodwin, Animal Collection Manager (hoofstock and carnivores), said: “Red river hogs are a species not held at Marwell before.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (10)

“It was great to bring these inquisitive animals in to diversify our collection, and, as a bonus they have gone and produced these piglets which is a great bonus for Marwell and the species.”

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (9)

Did you know?

Female Red River Hogs are called sounds and males are called Sounder

Hoglets fully wean onto solid food in around four months

Natural predators for red river hogs include leopards, lions, spotted hyena and pythons

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Red river hogs are native to the West and Central African rainforest and are listed on the IUCN Red List as being of least concern although populations are declining in the wild.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (6)

When fully grown, adults weigh anywhere between 45 and 115kg making them the smallest and most colourful of all the African wild pigs.

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Conservation charity Marwell Wildlife, who received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in July, owns and operates the zoo.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (2)

Marwell offers visitors the chance to get up close to amazing members of the animal kingdom, from Amur tigers to towering Rothschild’s giraffes.

A world-first collection of more than 60 dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures made using more than 2 million toy bricks has recently taken over Marwell Zoo for this year’s BRICKOSAURS! Evolution event running until 4 September 2022.

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