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57th Giraffe Born At Zoo Miami!


At approximately 6:30PM yesterday, Sabra, a nearly 12 year old giraffe, gave birth to a female calf.  This morning, Zoo Miami staff members were able to quickly separate mother and calf so that a neonatal exam could be performed.  Neonatal exams are part of a preventative medicine program directed by the zoo’s Animal Health Department in conjunction with the Animal Science Department.  These procedures allow the staff to perform close, hands-on examinations of the newborn to confirm the sex, get a weight, collect blood, inspect and clean the umbilicus, do general eye and ear exams, inject vitamins and insert an identification transponder in addition to an overall assessment of general body condition.  The calf stood over 5 feet tall and weighed approximately 120 pounds.

Photos by Ron Magill.


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Transporting Orphaned Moose Calves

Moose calves on board! Three orphaned moose calves safely arrived at Northwest Trek from Alaska earlier this month. Thanks to their transport provider FedEx for flying Luna, Atlas, and Callisto – such cute passengers.

Northwest Trek is grateful to The Alaska Zoo and Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center staff for their extraordinary care of these calves over many months. The 3-month-old calves Atlas, Luna, and Callisto, will remain behind the scenes as they continue to grow. The calves are being cared for round-the-clock and bottle-fed three times a day by Northwest Trek’s amazing veterinary and animal care staff. Learn more about the adorable moose calves at

Fiona and Her Baby Hippo Brother Fritz Introduced for the First Time Outside

Fritz got to meet his big sister in the outdoor habitat for the first time yesterday! Fiona was curious but took her cues from her mom, Bibi, and backed off when Fritz got almost close enough for a nose boop. The trio will continue to be put together for short periods until the care team is confident that the three are comfortable together. The next step will then be to add Tucker to the mix. Officials don’t have an exact timeline for when that will happen. Hippo Cove will be closed on and off as these introductions take place.

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You Can Help Name These Bintlets!

Michigan’s Potter Park Zoo is offering $5 chances to name their baby bintlets! Visit the contest link in the video description and cast your vote before Friday at 10pm EST.

There are four name pairs to vote from!

Archie and Shirley

Orville and Betty

Fern and Rufus

Bintang and Zulla

(Bintang means star in Malay)

(Zulla means shade (shade of trees) in Malay)

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Learning To Climb! An Akida Update

Remember watching baby Akida learning to walk with the help of Mom Sally at Wellington Zoo? Now he’s on to the next milestone: climbing! Doting parents, Lex and Sally, stuck close by and gave Akida all the encouragement he needed. If this doesn’t make your heart melt, we’re not sure what will!

🎥 Keeper Danni

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Three Orphaned Moose Calves Arrive At Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

EATONVILLE, Wash.— Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is now home to three Alaskan moose calves after they were orphaned in the wild earlier this summer. Keepers have named the almost 3-month-old calves Atlas, Luna, and Callisto (Cuh-list-o) after the moons of several planets. 

Moose Calves 27

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Endangered Red Panda Gives Birth To ‘Miracle’ Cub One Month After Passing Of Partner

Paradise Wildlife Park is proud to announce that their endangered red panda; Tilly has given birth to a miracle cub one month after the devastating passing of her partner Nam Pang, creating a lasting legacy in his honour.

In the early hours of 16th of July on one of the hottest days in UK history, the zoo’s CCTV cameras captured the incredible moment when their red panda Tilly gave birth to a miraculous, beautiful and healthy cub. The cub is currently being called ‘little red’ until the cub is old enough to have its first health checks by the vet in the upcoming months.

EMBARGOED _Little Red_ Cub Photo - Robert Killips(1)

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