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August 2022

Three New Lion Cubs!

"We at Antwerp Zoo have some very big news to announce!

Yesterday, our lion, Nestor, not only celebrated his tenth birthday, but also became a father for the second time!

His first litter is already independent and big enough now to begin a new chapter. And, as is the case in nature, the second litter follows the first very quickly!

Three new lion cubs were born yesterday!

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Making History: Endangered Species Hatches at GPZ 

Brownsville, Texas (Aug 15, 2022) – Staff at the Gladys Porter Zoo are extremely proud to announce the historic hatching of six endangered Mangshan pit vipers. The Gladys Porter Zoo is now one of only three institutions in the United States to have successfully bred this rare species. There are only about 500 left in the wild which makes this hatching such a momentous event.

“The Herpetology Department is overjoyed to finally hatch this species! We have been working with them for over 12 years, and it was always a dream of ours to reach this point,” says Clint Guadiana, Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians. 

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She’s Made Her Debut!

23GF - Copy

Yesterday, Zoo Miami’s newborn giraffe made her exhibit debut where she cautiously explored her new surroundings.  Her mom, Sabra, was attentive but allowed the calf to venture towards the other individuals in the herd and was greeted by curiosity, along with smells and licks from most of them.  The yet unnamed calf is nursing and appears to be doing well as she is now fully integrated into the herd of 9.  It is expected that she and her mother will now remain with the herd and be on exhibit with them moving forward.

11GF - Copy

Photos by Ron Magill

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Two Critically Endangered Blue-Billed Curassows Hatch at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

For the first time, Bird House keepers at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute are celebrating the hatching of two critically endangered blue-billed curassows. The two female chicks are being cared for off-exhibit. The first chick, named Aluna, hatched Aug. 5. Her sister Lulo hatched Aug. 28. Aluna is the first offspring for 6-year-old mother, Jackie; the 16-year-old father, JB, previously sired chicks at another institution. Keepers report that the sisters are thriving and describe them as confident and curious.


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A Day With Fiona And Fritz!

Fiona, Bibi and Fritz continued with introductions yesterday. Things went well and the three of them were able to spend most of the day together! Fiona is still learning to take cues from Bibi on how to interact with her little brother and keepers saw some positive interactions! Hippo Cove may be closed at times during these introductions. Cincinnati Zoo thanks you for your patience as their bloat gets settled in!

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Tiger Cub Wellness Exam!

OKC Zoo’s Sumatran tiger twins are doing great and had a wellness exam a couple of weeks ago! The exam took place Friday, August 19. 

According to the OKC Zoo veterinary care team, both cubs are healthy. They received their first round of vaccinations. The male cub, Bob, weighed 11.6 pounds and his sister, Luna, weighed 10 pounds.

OKC Zoo Tiger Cubs Luna and Bob

Performing the exam is Daniela Yuschenkoff DVM, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Veterinary Resident

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When Your Mom’s Tail Is A Snake (And Other Black-footed Cat Kitten Misadventures)

The black-footed cat kittens, born July 3 at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, were 6 weeks old at the time of videos seen here. Game cameras are really the only way officials can get a look at them in this way. Fossil Rim tries its best to help animals retain their wild instincts, so they are not acclimated to human interaction.


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African Elephant Born At Sosto Zoo

An African elephant was born today at Sosto Zoo in Hungary.

“This is the third offspring of the mother animal, 21-year-old Kwanza, and her mate, 29-year-old Jack, and after a bull born in 2015 and an elephant cow born in 2018, another bull calf was born.

The specialists of the park expected the baby elephant to arrive at the beginning of September, but Kwanza, the mother elephant, "gifted" us almost exactly to the day on the twenty-fifth birthday of our Zoo.


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