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Sumatran tiger cubs in straw at ZSL London Zoo (c) George Cuevas ZSL London Zoo

BIG CAT CUDDLES: Stunning images of three Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs born in June at ZSL London Zoo show the adorable trio rolling in soft straw and snuggling up to mum Gaysha in their Tiger Territory home.  


The Critically Endangered cubs remained inside the Zoo’s behind-the-scenes cubbing den for the first few weeks of their lives, before recent warm weather prompted Gaysha to bring them outside - to the delight of excited zoogoers. 


Zookeepers monitoring the trio have since seen all three of the strong young cubs hit their key developmental milestones; most recently opening their eyes, which are always closed at birth. 


The stripy orange cubs have come out in perfect time for ZSL London Zoo’s Summer of Colour – a celebration of nature's kaleidoscope taking place throughout the school summer holidays. Book now at     


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