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Tiny Zebra Zoomies!

Marwell is thrilled to announce the birth of an endangered Grevy’s zebra foal born to first time mum Khumba.

Grevy’s are the largest zebra species and are found in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia where there are currently thought to be fewer than 2,000 in the wild.

Populations have suffered as a result of habitat loss, extended periods of drought and poaching but are now thought to be stabilising.

Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022

Did you know?

Zebra pregnancies last 12-13 month and foals can usually stand within an hour of being born.

Marwell is the only zoo in the UK to house all three species of zebra; Grevy’s, Hartmann’s mountain and plains. Marwell also holds the species studbook for both Grevy’s and Hartmann’s mountain zebras.

Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022 (3)
Zoo Photographer - Credit Paul Collins - Grevys foal 2022 (3)

Grevy’s zebra populations have declined 54% in the last 30 years

In the wild zebras generally give birth at night and Khumba did exactly that with her new arrival, giving her keepers a lovely surprise when they got to work in the morning.

The foal was born on Friday and was given access to the zoo’s Wild Explorers paddock for the first time on Monday afternoon.

The youngster delighted in trying out its new skills running circles around its mum in a series of cute ‘zoomies’.

Khumba and her new foal are part of the European Ex-Situ breeding programme for the species and will hopefully contribute to maintaining a healthy captive population and preserving genetic diversity for the future

They have been left alone to bond for the first few days so the sex of the foal is not yet known.  A name will also be decided at a later date.

Video credit: Marwell Zoo

Pictures: Paul Collins/Marwell Zoo