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At only a few days old, the little one was drinking well and staying close to mother Aya. They regularly received 'maternity visits' from Ayba; Aya's eldest daughter. She was very interested in her then yet-to-be-sexed newborn sibling. Father Bokito did not interfere with the upbringing, but did ensure peace and harmony in the group.

The newborn gorilla was determined to be a male. Rotterdam Zoo have the tradition of choosing a name with the first letter of the mother, in this case the A of Aya. The caretakers came up with three beautiful African names and put it to a public vote. The resulting name was: Ajabu (meaning miracle).

With the nice weather, the gorilla family has been outside a lot. They decide for themselves whether they want to go outside. That way Aya can determine what is best for her child. In this video by caretaker Victor you can clearly see how Ajabu can safely slip into the arms of his mother everywhere. Sister Ayba spends a lot of time with her brother; it is a nice learning experience for her for later.

Gorillas have a varied diet, they eat various vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, leaves and branches. They love bitter plant species. In this video by zookeeper Victor, they eat fresh branches. Gorilla cub Ajabu is already showing interest in eating leaves. In the coming period he will eat more and more. In the wild, the gorilla’s diet helps to maintain the rainforest. For example, they eat away low-hanging branches, so that other plants can grow better. The seeds from their manure also germinate into new plants.