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Tokyo the baby Sumatran Orangutan at Zoological Center Ramat Gan is already 11 months old.

Recently she gained the courage and ability to venture away from mom and explore her surroundings. She is carefully developing her skills and strength.

She’s also starting to try solid foods.

Tokyo was born last July duringh the Olympic games in Japan. Israel was very thrilled with the gold medal in Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram won, so they decided to name the baby Tokyo.

Zoological Center Ramat Gan had waited a long time for an Orangutan baby. The last Orangutan born was her father – Rachamim, born 2010.

In 2018, two lovely ladies — Sato and Tanah— joined Rachamim at the Zoo from Germany.

While Tanah gave birth to baby Tokyo, Sato is an exceptional aunt and keeps an eye on the baby so that mom can have some rest!

During Tana's pregnancy the Zoo experienced two major dramas:

During the last missile attacks Israel endured in May 2021, a missile struck the Zoo. By chance, it fell between the Orangutan exhibit and the Sulawesi Crested Macaques. One female Macaque was hit by a shrapnel in her back. She was hurried to the operation room and thankfully fully recovered. The exhibits however were damaged by the missile and had to be renovated.

That’s when the second drama took place. Tana and the others were very curious about the new plants in the  new exhibit and managed to climb up and out of the exhibit. The others went back when called, but Tana went up a tree with then newborn Tokyo. The vets were lifted to the tree top with firefighters’ assistance. They managed to dart Tana and take her off the tree and back to the night chambers with baby Tokyo.

The Sumatran Orangutans at the Zoological Center Ramat Gan are part of the European breeding program.

Video Credit: Shai Peri

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