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Ali The Gorilla Has Turned 4!

Cuteness overload alert at Brookfield Zoo! In honor of Ali gorilla's 4th birthday yesterday, we've shared a montage of some of her most adorable antics over the years. We bet you can't stop from smiling while you watch!

Ali was born at Brookfield Zoo in 2018 to mom Koola and is part of the Zoo’s western lowland gorilla troop in Tropic World. Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered primarily due to commercial hunting for the bushmeat trade, diseases such as the Ebola virus, as well as the illegal pet trade and habitat destruction from logging. It is estimated that there are approximately 200,000 western lowland gorillas in their native West Africa habitat (the forests of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, and Angola), and almost 350 western lowland gorillas living in accredited North American zoos. Adopt Ali today and be part of her care and support!