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Infant Gender Reveal And Name!

5 days ago, Topeka Zoo Welcomed an Endangered Bornean Orangutan infant.

Here’s some of the highlights since birth as well as the gender reveal celebration.

Can you guess the infant’s sex before the gender reveal at the end of the clip?

After observing and getting to know the baby for a few days, staff decided on the perfect name for the baby!


Udara is a Malay word, meaning "air," which Topeka Zoo felt went along perfectly with big brother, Bumi! Bumi is the Malay word for "Earth." We are so excited to follow Udara along on her journey!

You can follow along, too by following Topeka Zoo on social media and using #HelloUdara to post and share pictures of her or by visiting http://www.topekazoo.org/hellobaby!