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A tiny porcupette was born overnight on April 11th to African crested porcupines, Caleefa and Bristle at Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.  The prickly new arrival is doing well.
Caleefa joined the prickle last October as a Species Survival Plan recommendation for Calgary’s porcupine brothers, Bristle and Rattle.  Caleefa was introduced to both males but it was quickly apparent that Bristle was her chosen mate as the pair settled together quickly.

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While Caleefa is an experienced porcupine mom, this is the first offspring for porcupine dad, Bristle.  Animal Care, Health and Welfare team will continue to monitor the new family closely but they’ve already seen Bristle watching over the young one while Caleefa goes to look for food, and vice-versa, so the pair are doing all the right things so far.
The new family are choosing to spend time in the back-of-house area, but they do have access to their main habitat inside the African Savannah building.