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Baby Guereza Colobus Monkey "Ficus"

This adorable little boy joined the Saint Louis Zoo on Monday, March 21, 2022. The baby Guereza colobus monkey, named Ficus, can be seen with his family group at the Primate House or Primate Canopy Trails.


Ficus is the first monkey born at the Zoo since the opening of Michael and Quirsis Riney Primate Canopy Trails, a 35,000-square-foot outdoor expansion connected to the Primate House. The Zoo is excited to be able to offer baby and mom, along with the rest of the colobus family, access to this outdoor space, providing the baby with valuable time in nature, sunlight, and fresh air. For the first time, guests can welcome a new baby in this outdoor habitat.

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Twin Lemurs Are A Double Delight

Woburn Safari Park Welcomes Rare And Endangered Ring-tailed Lemur Twins!

Woburn Safari Park lemur baby on back_

Keepers at Woburn Safari Park are ecstatic to have welcomed the arrival of rare ring-tailed lemur twins to proud parents Sambava and Berenty on 25th March 2022. The birth of these two new endangered additions comes just 6 days after another two separate lemur babies were born boosting the troop to 11.

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Checking In With Baby Lolani

Akron Zoo white-cheeked gibbon baby, Lolani, is growing leaps and bounds! She recently turned 4 months old and is starting to explore more and be a little adventurous. Parker, being the good mom that she is, is letting Lolani learn on her own while keeping an eye on her.

Lolani is hitting her milestones right on time, if not early! She has starting eating solid food and soon she'll get to venture outside once the weather warms up consistently. You can visit Lolani and her parents, Parker and Milo, daily!

First Mexican Spider Monkey Birth at Nashville Zoo

[April 18, 2022] - Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the first successful Mexican spider monkey birth at the Zoo. The monkey was born on April 9 to Molly (mom) and Sandy (dad) bringing the total number of spider monkeys in the Zoo's care to five. The baby and mom are healthy and made their exhibit debut last Thursday.


"Molly has been a great mom so far. She is calm, nurturing and gives the baby plenty of time to nurse," said Nashville Zoo's Primate Supervisor Brittany Canfield. "Each member occasionally gets to groom the baby too."


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Sloth Born At Amersfoort Zoo

A sloth was born in DierenPark Amersfoort. "It is already the tenth time that mother Amaka carries a baby on her stomach", animal caretaker Christel Broekman says. The Amersfoort sloths Amaka and Quasimodo thus remain the most successful sloth couple in Europe: the couple has given birth to the most young in recent years. Christel: “It is very special that the sloths have been caring for offspring for so long.”

Over een aantal maanden zal de kleine luiaard zelf op onderzoek gaan en zelfstandig leren hangen


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Oregon Zoo Welcomes New Bornean Orangutan Baby

First-time mom Kitra and her new baby are doing well, caregivers say

The Oregon Zoo’s primate family grew by a few pounds on Wednesday morning as 20-year-old Bornean orangutan Kitra gave birth to a new baby, adding to the world population of this critically endangered species. 

Caregivers said the newborn entered the world on April 13, at around 11 a.m. The first-time mom and her new arrival are doing well in their behind-the-scenes maternity den. 

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Rare Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey Born At Chester Zoo

One of the world’s most endangered primates has been born at Chester Zoo.

The rare baby cotton-top tamarin monkey arrived to first time parents Treat (3) and Leo (5), measuring just 10cm from head to tail and weighing a mere 40g.

Conservationists at the zoo say they are “overjoyed” at the birth, with cotton-top tamarins listed as critically endangered on the International Union of Conservation and Nature’s (IUCN) Red List. It’s estimated that just 2,000 breeding animals remain in the wild - tamarins have already undergone a large reduction in their numbers and are predicted to decline by 80% in the next 20 years, making them one of rarest of all primate species.

Rare cotton-top tamarin monkey born at Chester Zoo 2


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Infant Orangutan Kaja Update

Kaja update: Kaja and Indah continue to have “intro” sessions every day under supervision at San Diego Zoo, but there has not been any progression with their bond. The Wildlife Care Specialists will begin introductions with his sibling, Aisha, to assess her capacity as a surrogate. 


Kaja is perfectly healthy and right on track for a nearly 3-month-old orangutan. He has even begun teething which is just as taxing for him as it would be for a human child. Stay tuned for more updates and see Kaja’s previous clips at the links below.

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Meet Luna the Masai Giraffe Calf at the Phoenix Zoo

Sunshine and Miguu's calf officially has a name — meet Luna! She was named Luna by the Hoofstock team due to the fact that she was born overnight and her mother’s name is Sunshine. Luna and her dam (mom) Sunshine will be on the Savanna most mornings with our other female giraffe, Imara. (Please Note: Due to construction on the Africa Trail expansion this may change.) Luna continues to stay close to her mom, but is showing more curiosity about her surroundings every day. Welcome, Luna to Phoenix Zoo’s Masai giraffe herd!



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