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Binti, a 37-year-old chimpanzee, gave birth on Friday, April 22, to a healthy female. Binti experienced some complications with the birth and needed medical intervention to address a retained placenta. Thanks to the quick action of her caretakers and the veterinary team from the UTCVM-University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Binti is recovering well. While she is getting her strength back, the infant is being cared for round-the-clock by the Great Apes team and is healthy and thriving.


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Baby Western Lowland Gorilla Born At Chessington World Of Adventures Zoo

Surrey, Tuesday April 26: The primate zookeepers at Chessington World of Adventures are delighted to announce the arrival of a baby Western lowland gorilla. The currently unnamed new arrival was born in the early hours of Sunday April 24, and is being closely monitored by the team whilst they stay close to their mother and slowly get introduced to the rest of the troop behind closed doors.


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UPDATE On Rose The Orphaned Mountain Lion!

Oakland Zoo’s vet team examined Rose on Thursday and she is looking really good! She now weighs over 12 pounds (she was only 8 lbs when she arrived). She's eating 5 times a day, which is great! No other concerns found during her exam, and now that she's getting more active, they’ll try to move her out of ICU into a proper stall soon. Here's Hospital Keeper Nikki giving Rose some happy scratching. This is a safe way to give her some attention and help her see that touch can be a positive thing. Learn about Rose at

Spring Has Sprung At Vienna Zoo Tirolerhof

The kid season has already begun for the pied goats called Tauernscheckenziegen and it is almost over. Only one goat is still expecting. The kids are all well and very agile. They already try to climb rocks and tree trunks and savor the first rays of sun.

This goat breed serves multiple purposes. Their claws are very sturdy which is ideal for alpine landscape management. Their udders are very high to minimize the risk of injury. They are very long-living and robust and please with their unique and attractive coat which makes them easily recognizable on alpine pastures during the summer and fall.

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It’s Earth Day And Sloth Bear Cubs Have Names

SEATTLE—Just in time for Earth Day, the names for Woodland Park Zoo’s brother and sister sloth bear cubs are in!

Drum roll, please…the name for the boy sloth bear cub is Madhu (muh-DOO), which means “sweet, honey,” and Lila (LEE-lah), which means “play, amusement.” Both names are Hindi to represent India, one of several countries where sloth bears live.

RS41762_2022_03 _31 sloth bear cubs-6


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Baby Spider Monkey Born At Brevard Zoo

MELBOURNE, Fla., April 19, 2022 — Brevard Zoo’s troop of black-handed spider monkeys has grown! In the early morning of Friday, April 15, 31-year-old spider monkey Shelley gave birth to an offspring.

The sex of the baby is not yet known. Animal care staff note that the youngling is doing well, holding on strong to mom and nursing successfully.

BrevardZoo_Baby Spider Monkey 3

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